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As some of you may know, Marty & Company will be in comic book stores across America and Canada on January 27th, anywhere Image comics are sold.

If you are a furry please read this:

This is a real furry comic from the Furry Fandom in a mainstream comic book compilation published by Image Comics. It is the only furry comic in the series so far and YOUR SUPPORT will help cement how Image Comics feels about having furry content published under their title. Nothing speaks louder than sales, and with Zootopia coming soon this is a perfect time to cement the Fandom’s place in the mainstream consciousness. I was approached by the editor of Island knowing I am primarily an adult artist. Adult content and the fandom are strongly linked, and ignoring that connection is somewhat naive. My inclusion into this series is risk that should be rewarded. If you want to see comics and stories about stuff YOU like in comic book stores and alongside more traditional content, buying this book will nudge Image Comics to seriously consider furry comics as a financially viable venture.

If you are a Onta or Doxy fan read this:

It would be neat to own something I made that came right from the comic book store, right?

If you are neither a furry or a fan read this:

Welcome! Please check the links below. Hopefully it will help familiarize you with what is going on.